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Author Biography

Fanfiction Bio
Updated: September 20, 2013

I have been reading fanfiction for a long while now but I've been writing fanfiction since June 18, 2006 when my first story was published on 'The Alpha Gate', an archive for Stargate SG-1 fanfiction. I currently write in multiple fandoms while I read in even more.

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The Master Fanfiction Lists and Recommendations Lists can now be found at the Fanfiction Index along with the list of websites and archives where I post my stories. Please note that only my LJ will be guaranteed in carrying every single fic I write in. Some of the websites that carry my stories may not have all of them due to some site restrictions.

As an author, I am most interested in the possibilities that arise from the choices that a character can make over the course of the story and the consequences stemming from those choices. This is the reason why a vast majority of my stories tend to be Alternate Universes. Even though fanfiction carries within itself an artistic license, I do try to keep my stories within reason. The search for facts does tend to slow down my writing. There's also the fact that my bunnies come and go quite frequently. As any author, I do like reviews but not enough to hold my stories hostage.

I'm generally open-minded to both Het, Slash, or Multiple pairings though it does depend on the individual fandoms and how I see the interactions between the characters. I lean toward Het in all fandoms; Slash is secondary followed by Threesomes/Moresomes. Just because I like Slash in one fandom doesn't mean I will like Slash in another. The major factor I have regarding the pairings is that they be realistic and have good reasons behind them. Throwing two (or more) characters together without a build-up of some kind of a realistic relationship, especially if you just had them go through an emotional/traumatizing experience, will not cut it with me. I'll let it go in one-shots but if it's a long story, then you can at least lay down some ground work.

'Bleach': Overall, the series does not interest me except for the interesting character of Sōsuke Aizen, the Captain of 5th Squad. When we first see him, he's portrayed as a well-respected, well-loved, soft-spoken bespectacled intellectual who cares for those under him. Over the course of the anime/manga, however, we learn the man that everyone knew was actually a mask to hide his more sinister, manipulative, cold-hearted nature which is only accented when he tries to kill his lieutenant, Momo Hinamori who was in love with him, not once but twice. The first, he stabs her from the front and leaves her for dead. The second, he manipulates the battle so her best friend, Tōshirō Hitsugaya is the one that stabs her, thinking he's killing Aizen. The way he can lay out his plans a few moves ahead of everyone else and is able to kick the ass of the other captains has me wondering of what this man is exactly capable of. To me, he could have totally won the war had he not let the power go to his head, which for me seems out of character for him. For pairings, maybe it's the twisted side of me but I'm interested stories where Aizen actually has feelings for Momo. Due to his personality, though, they get warped beyond the recognition of unselfish love. On the flip side, I wonder what would happen if Aizen's mask actually became his true face and he has to deal with the consequences of his experiments or where the evil side never existed except for that he can be manipulative to further the goals of Soul Society. For Momo, I like to read where she turned dark and joined Aizen, helping him to defeat Ichigo Kurosaki, the main protagonist. After reading one story, I like to see where Aizen and Kurosaki are actually related through Masaki Kurosaki, Ichigo's mother. Lately, I've been wondering what would happen if Aizen was turned back into a child and was raised by the Captain-Commander, Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto and the rest of the Gotei 13.

'Covert Affairs': The main character of my interest is August 'Auggie' Anderson, the blind Head of DPD Tech Ops and former Special Forces soldier. The instant bond between Annie Walker, the new CIA agent, in the beginning and their ensuing interactions over the course of the first season usually has me pairing up these two mostly. Pairing Natasha 'Tash' Petrovna with Auggie also has some interest especially since she's a Russian anarchist and computer hacker as it would be an interesting pair. However, the probability of them lasting and having kids is kind of low. In regards to pairing Ben Mercer, the ghost covert officer, with Annie, the guy left her in the second season without so much as 'I'll see you later'. I also cannot read stories will Annie is the main focus. For some reason, I can totally go without watching her during the show. Weird considering she's the main title character. I also like reading general stories where Auggie's family is showcased, especially since he has four older brothers and being the youngest isn't the easiest. Stories where Auggie's back out in the field are also on my list of reads as it highlights that even though Auggie's blind, he can still kick ass when he needs to.

'The Fast and the Furious Series': Brian O'Conner is my main interested for this fandom as he was a former juvenile delinquent who became an LAPD undercover officer who turned fugitive then FBI agent and international fugitive over the course of the series. Personally, I see Mia Toretto with him since I believe Brian needs someone to balance him out and is the most sensible one. The brotherhood between Brian and Dom is also interesting. I see Brian as the younger brother looking up to the older brother who seems much more cooler and the man he's inspired to be. By the beginning of 'Fast Five', I feel the friendship has changed a bit to where Brian has definitely matured while Dom is beginning to lag under the burden he carries. I'm interested in stories that deal with Brian's past and the issues stemming from his choices to betray the law enforcement not once but twice. For Dom, Leticia 'Letty' Ortiz is the only one suited for him as she can handled his bullshit. She did knock Lance on his ass in the first movie. As for the Slash, Dom/Brian is my low secondary choice since there's very little Brian/Mia out there. I only fall back on this slash pairing when I'm out of options.

'Harper's Island': Call me mentally insane but my main interest is Henry Dunn aka Henry Wakefield, the abandoned child of Sarah Mills and son of the serial killer John Wakefield. Over the course of the series, I felt that Henry did love Patricia 'Trish' Wellington on some level but his obsession with his half sister Abigail 'Abby' Mills prevented it from developing further and ending with Henry killing Trish. It also didn't help that Trish cheated on him with Hunter before they were engaged; I think that contributed to her death since Henry could no longer trust her. I do feel that Trish is Henry's equal as she is intelligent despite the funk she enters after seeing her father get murdered (she did piece together the maps when they found them) and is able to see past the social classes to see Henry. I am interested in what could have happened if Henry had been able to overcome/reign in his homicidal impulses and didn't have his obsession with Abby. Every now and then, I'm interested in where Henry actually succeeded in his plans and had a future with Abby. Poor kids.

'Harry Potter': The main OTP is Harry Potter and Ginevra 'Ginny' Weasley as I feel that Ginny is closer to Harry's personality than any other female, including Hermione. I mean, during Harry's fifth year, Harry actually responded to Ginny and when it comes down to it, Hermione doesn't really think much of Harry's opinion as see in the seventh book. For slash, there isn't any slash pairings that catch my eye. I am open to other pairings, including multiples. In general stories, I tend to stick to Harry-centered stories (obvious reasons no?) and that deal with the lack of training after Book 5. I have a high interest in Wrong Boy Who Lived themes but not where they include bashings of any kind, even in regards to characters I hate. I also like stories that dig more into what being an Auror entails.

'How to Train Your Dragon': I stick to the movie pairing of Hiccup and Astrid as the movie actually interested me more than the books. It would be nice if Astrid actually gets over her highly aggressive tendencies and Hiccup grows a backbone to defend himself more. The stories I read tend to focus around both characters maturing. Stories that deal with Hiccup's relationship with his dad, Stoick, as the scene where his dad practically disowns him is sure to bring up emotional issues that can't be overcome by the one scene in the middle of the fight against the Red Death where Stoick apologizes for everything. I can't see the romantic pairing between Hiccup and Toothless. but I do see the brotherhood between them.

'Jake 2.0': Jake Foley, the nanite-enhanced NSA field agent, is my main interest and I have him paired up with Diane Hughes, leading doctor and researcher on the nanite project. Two awkward geeks that are caught in the bureaucratic mess that hovers over the NSA halls. The unsolved sexual tension between them caught my eye, especially near the end with the episode 'Get Foley'. In this fandom, there is no slash pairing that I see, not even between Jake and Kyle. I see that more of an older brother watching out for his younger brother who is navigating through life. I also have some interest in where Jake ponders about his life as a super agent basically and how he has suddenly gone from an American citizen to a lab rat with a collar on.

'Pacific Rim': For once, I'm not really interested in any of the characters as none of them really called out to me and I don't really ship Raleigh and Mako Mori together even if there was some unresolved sexual tension at the end. For me, I'm highly interested in the Jaegers. I love the fact that the way they named their Jaegers were modeled after the World War II way; Gipsy Danger, Cherno Alpha, Striker Eureka, Crimson Typhoon and all the other ones. For me, the Jaegers were the characters of the movie in every possible way. The only thing I really disliked as the fact that Cherno and Crimson went way too fast considering how much screen time they had but from what I understand, the Kaiju they fought were tailored to each Jaeger so it's a little understandable. We'll see if the fic bunnies get infected with ideas to the point I have to write it down. I would also like to see fics that focus on the outcomes of 'drifting' with your fellow co-pilot, especially considering if you're related like with Yancy and Raleigh. I mean, you literally see all of their memories and that includes the ones you usually don't want to share with people such as making love. As they said, you can't hide in the drift.

'Power Rangers': William 'Billy' Cranston, the original Blue Ranger and Wolf Ninjetti, is the main interest and due to the fact that he was never really paired with a girl during the series, I'm generally opened minded to different pairings. I usually read where he's paired with Kim, Trini, or even an OC. I think my wackiest pairing I had was where Billy was paired with Dulcea. Talking about that, since Billy got over his fear of fishes, I'm okay with Billy being paired to Cestria if done right. In regards to the Slash, I like where he's paired with Jason or Tommy. I'm interested in fics where Billy's skills are utilized more than what was seen in the show. I mean, this guy basically built Zords and devices for the team but yet Zordon never actually helped increase his knowledge and skill. I mean, if I had a guy that smart, I would have shipped his ass to places that teach him even more. When it comes down to it, I think Billy had the greater potential to be a threat to the Rangers and the galaxy at large, not Tommy despite his skills as a leader and a Ranger.

'Stargate SG1': Daniel Jackson, the linguist and archeologist of SG-1, is the main interest and I usually stick to having him paired with his wife Sha're. The other main pairings are where Daniel is paired with Sam, Janet, or Vala (least favorite pairing). I am open to Daniel/OC as well though build-up of the OC is necessary. At times, though, I also look for some wacky pairings where a darkened Daniel is paired up with Adria, Hathor, Ammounet, or Osiris. In the Slash, I like to see Daniel paired with Jack usually. Also, I like it where Daniel can be shown as an adept fighter. In the first movie, he was actually pretty decent shot. And I'm sure Jack would make him practice week after week with him and Teal'c. I also like the fics where Daniel stands up against the military minded individuals or gets redeemed in the eyes of the archaeological community. It would be cool if he could tell them 'I told you so'.

This livejournal is for placing my full stories in their uncensored forms with their respective full graphic scenes.

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There maybe some stories with questionable content, such as "The Howling" and other such stories, which I understand. Any story written and posted does not mirror my own ethics and moral values and as such, I do not condone such acts. The only reason for such content is that I wish to make things as real as possible and considering that in real life, any thing is possible, my stories reflect that. Do you really think humans would be perfectly moral at all times?

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